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[ 2004] 沈約翰 - recipient for the 2004 ACA Award

    John Shen (沈約翰, Architec 1959) is the 2004's recipient for the Association of Chinese American Outstanding Leadership Award. John is an ACA veteran and has been involved with ACA since 1972.. His contributions to ACA was numerous. In 1977, he designed the Chinese Heritage Room and its furniture at Wayne State University, and the ACA logo.He is now in charge of the ACA/CCC architecture committee. John has served several terms on the ACA board, and is currently the Vice President of the ACA Board. John has donated an art and architectural student scholarship to the ACA High School Scholarship program and has been the voluntary photographer, documenting ACA's history and activities.

Congratulations, 沈約翰,

成大校友會 以你為榮 !!

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